DBST offers clubs for students in classes 1-8 during the 8th period (14:40-15:25) and/or the 7th period (13:50-14:35), dependent upon class schedules. Clubs offer students a chance to enjoy an activity, play, or learn something new.


 If students take the bus home, they must be enrolled in a club for each day that they take a bus. Students are NOT allowed to be in school unsupervised, so if an adult doesn't pick them up after their scheduled classes, they must enroll in a club. However, other than in these situations, clubs are not mandatory or part of the curriculum and students can sign up at the start of each term for any clubs that they are interested in.


Clubs are run by a combination of DBST teachers and outside teachers. If parents, relatives, or friends are interested in offering a club and sharing a skill with our students, please contact the club coordinator. We are always looking for new and interesting clubs to offer our students.