International Section


Introduction to DBST-IS

The International Section of the German Embassy School was founded in January 2012. Ever since, we have been welcoming and educating children from KG1 to Class 8 from many different nationalities.

Values our section believes in:

Excellence: We strive to do our best in creating an inviting and nurturing place for all students to reach their full potential and develop into productive global citizens

Respect:We care for ourselves, others, our community and our environment.

Integrity: We demonstrate integrity by being truthful and fair

Innovation:We encourage critical thinking and foster a culture of enquiry and creativity


What we offer

Top-Quality academic program- Our engaging yet challenging curriculum for primary is based on the globally recognized PYP, the highest standard in primary international education. Our vigorous secondary curriculum is carefully aligned with the Cambridge international curriculum, which allows our students to continue with our academically high standards.

Small class sizes promote a more personalized approach to learning- With a low average class size, every student enjoys personalized attention to help them achieve their personal best. In addition, our highly qualified staff provide additional support and differentiated instruction through team teaching or on a one to one basis for those students who require extra academic support.

Healthy, active living- We promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle that emphasizes physical exercise, fresh and nutritious food and the overall well -being of our students.


Our Team of Lifelong Learners

‘’ IB teachers are themselves lifelong learners who aim to develop the same keen interest in their students’’ Chief Academic Officer

At DBST- IS we believe that an excellent teacher is one who embodies and models the IB learner Profiles. Our staff and administration are all highly educated and are continuously given the opportunity to attend yearly IB workshops to ensure that they develop as life-long learners.



We are all:

Inquirers:Teachers should desire to learn daily about new things and be inspired to research and     engage in inquiry.

Knowledgeable:Teachers should be up to date on current events. They should also have a wealth of cultural knowledge.

Thinkers:Teachers should have critical thinking skills and be reflective in the realm of professional ethics.

Good communicators:Teachers should be able to express themselves clearly and correctly and they should be willing to collaborate with others and understand different points of view.

Principled:Teachers should act with integrity and honor and they should have a deep sense of equality, justice and respect for people.

Open minded: Teachers should understand and respect their own culture and values but are open to learning about different points of views, different cultures and values and are willing to learn from experience.

Caring: Teachers show empathy, sensitivity and respect for the needs and feelings of others.

Risk Takers: Teachers take on unfamiliar and uncertain situations with good sense and determination.Balanced:Teachers understand the importance of physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Reflective:Teachers evaluates their own learning and experiences. They know their own abilities and limitations and use them to continue their professional development.




Language Policiy


Asessment Policy 



Program of Inquiry